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Trump urges Venezuelan military to abandon Maduro or 'lose everything'

Trump urges Venezuelan military to abandon Maduro or 'lose everything'Speaking to a cheering crowd mostly of Venezuelan and Cuban immigrants in Miami, Trump said if the Venezuelan military continues supporting Maduro, "you will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out. You’ll lose everything.” Trump offered strong backing for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, whom the United States, many of Venezuela's neighbors and most Western countries have recognized as interim president of Venezuela. Trump cautioned Venezuelan armed forces not to harm Guaido or other opposition politicians, urged them to accept the National Assembly leader's offer of amnesty and demanded that they allow in food, medicine and other supplies.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 6:52 PM

Saudi Crown Prince Pledges $20 Billion in Deals With Pakistan on the First Stop of His Asia Tour

Saudi Crown Prince Pledges $20 Billion in Deals With Pakistan on the First Stop of His Asia TourThe agreements come as the Saudi prince seeks to rebuild his reputation abroad

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 4:20 AM

More than 1,500 attend vigil for Aurora shooting victims

More than 1,500 attend vigil for Aurora shooting victimsAURORA, Ill. (AP) — More than 1,500 people braved snow and freezing drizzle to attend a prayer vigil for five slain co-workers Sunday, two days after they were fatally shot at a suburban Chicago manufacturing plant by a longtime employee who was fired moments earlier.

POSTED FEBRUARY 17, 2019 11:27 PM

Donald Trump threatens Venezuela's military if aid is blocked from entering country

Donald Trump threatens Venezuela's military if aid is blocked from entering countryPresident Donald Trump has warned the Venezuelan military not to block tonnes of humanitarian aid due to arrive in the country on Saturday, threatening the soldiers with grave consequences for remaining loyal to President Nicolas Maduro. “Today I have a message for every official who is keeping Maduro in place,” he said, speaking at a university in Miami – the city with the highest population of Venezuelan exiles in the US. “You cannot hide from the choice that now confronts you. You can choose to accept President Guaido’s offer of amnesty, and live your life in peace with your country. But you must not block humanitarian aid. “Or you can choose the second path; continuing to support Maduro. You will find no safe harbour, no easy exit, no way out. You will lose everything.” Mr Maduro has said the tonnes of aid, coordinated by his rival, self-declared “interim president” Juan Guaido, was designed to humiliate the country, and act as cover for an invasion. He has ordered the armed forces to block the aid coming in from Colombia and Brazil, and stationed troops on the border to prevent the assistance from being delivered. But Mr Trump, the first of around 50 world leaders to recognise Mr Guaido, told the crowd that “my heart is in Venezuela”, and urged the Venezuelan soldiers to ignore Mr Maduro’s orders, and allow the aid to enter the troubled country. Melania Trump, who was born in Communist Slovenia, introduced her husband and told the gathering: "many of you in this room know what it feels like to be living in freedom, after living under Communism and Socialism."  He also had stern warnings for Cuba, which props up Mr Maduro’s teetering regime, and the socialist rulers of Nicaragua. Mr Guaido, the leader of the national assembly, declared himself president on January 23, arguing that the presidency was left “vacant” owing to Mr Maduro’s fraudulent re-election. He promised soldiers on January 27 that they would be given amnesty if they defected, and since then, cajoling the military – seen as the real source of power in the country – to abandon Mr Maduro has been a priority of his. Mr Trump attacked the senior officials in Mr Maduro’s government for enriching themselves, while the country starved. A tenth of the population have now fled their homes, driven out of a country which Mr Trump said was on “the brink of ruin”. To chants of “USA!”, Mr Trump told the crowd that they stood “at the threshold of history, ready to reclaim their country and reclaim their history.” Donald Trump in Miami on Monday “Socialism has so ravaged the country that even the world’s largest reserves of oil are no longer enough to keep the lights on,” he said. “Millions are starving, while a few at the top are plundering the nation. “We know who they are, and we know where they keep the billions they plundered. “They are risking their future, they are risking their lives, and Venezuela’s future, for a man controlled by Cuba. Maduro is not a Venezuelan patriot; he is a Cuban puppet.” Mr Trump’s speech was peppered with multiple stern warnings to the government in Havana, warning President Miguel Diaz-Canel that Cuba could be the next socialist country to fall. The remarks are likely to only stiffen the resolve of Cuba’s leadership, which has for almost 20 years backed first Mr Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, and Mr Maduro himself. Mr Guaido, speaking via videolink, told the gathering they were facing an “existential” struggle. “Now there is a debate between the democracy and dictatorship — one between life and death,” he said. “We must take advantage of this opportunity. The moment is now for change in Venezuela with determination and pressure from within Venezuela.” Sign up for your essential, twice-daily briefing from The Telegraph with our free Front Page newsletter.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 8:26 PM

After IS, ammunition among the IV drips at Syria clinic

After IS, ammunition among the IV drips at Syria clinicAt a clinic in eastern Syria, the Islamic State group have fled leaving a floor strewn with medical supplies -- but also explosives and a foreign passport. US-backed fighters took the three-storey building in the village of Baghouz in recent days, and now use its roof to survey the frontline against the jihadists. Under three mounds of earth, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces had buried a woman and two IS fighters found wearing ammunition jackets.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 7:29 PM

Supporters defend Green New Deal as 'aspirational' after rocky rollout

Supporters defend Green New Deal as 'aspirational' after rocky rolloutAfter a torrent of criticism over a FAQ posted on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's website, Democrat supports are labeling the document an 'aspiration' to do better; Doug McKelway reports.

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 11:47 AM

Tariff uncertainty could hurt auto industry more than plant closures in 2019

Tariff uncertainty could hurt auto industry more than plant closures in 2019Broad U.S. import tariffs and trade restrictions could cost 366,000 jobs, nearly 100 times what’s at stake in GM’s controversial plant closings.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 9:46 AM

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to step down in March: official

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to step down in March: officialRosenstein had been expected to depart shortly after new Attorney General William Barr assumed office. Barr was confirmed for the role by the U.S. Senate last week. The Justice official said Rosenstein's departure was not related to renewed allegations that he considered wearing a wire in meetings with Trump and using the 25th amendment of the U.S. Constitution to remove the president from office.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 10:12 PM

10 of the Best Car-Upholstery Cleaners Tested

10 of the Best Car-Upholstery Cleaners Tested

POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2019 2:57 PM

Farrakhan Praises Omar’s Anti-Semitic Remarks: ‘Shake Up That Corrupt House’

Farrakhan Praises Omar’s Anti-Semitic Remarks: ‘Shake Up That Corrupt House’Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Sunday praised Representative Ilhan Omar's (D., Minn.) recent endorsement of an anti-Semitic trope and urged the freshman lawmaker not to bow to pressure from critics.“Ms. Omar from Somalia – she started talking about ‘the Benjamins' and they are trying to make her apologize. Sweetheart, don't do that. Pardon me for calling you sweetheart, but you do have a sweet heart. You sure are using it to shake the government up, but you have nothing to apologize for,” Farrakhan said during his annual Saviour's Day address in Chicago, in comments first reported by the Washington Free Beacon.“Israel and AIPAC pays off senators and congressmen to do their bidding, so you're not lying. So if you're not lying, stop laying down. You were sent there by the people to shake up that corrupt House,” he added.Farrakhan, who has long engaged in anti-Semitic conspiracy-mongering, went on to mock Omar's Democratic allies, who have defended her remarks as the result of inexperience and lack of knowledge regarding the historic plight of the Jewish people.“‘Oh she's just young. She just got here. Don't be so hard on her,’” he said, mocking Omar's defenders. “My beautiful sisters, you were sent there to shake that House up. Your people voted you in, but God is the overseer.”Omar argued in a series of tweets sent last week that the pro-Israel stance held by many of her colleagues can be attributed to the nefarious influence of jewish donors and organizations, such as the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). She subsequently apologized after being publicly urged to do so by Democratic leadership.Since being elected in November, Omar has been confronted with allegations of anti-Semitism by critics who cite both her past tweets, one of which accused Israel of "hypnotizing the world," and her more-recent statements and associations with noted anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian activists.Farrakhan has managed to maintain ties with a number of prominent Democratic lawmakers and activists despite his extensive record of bigotry. Women's March co-chair Tamikah Mallory was roundly criticized for praising Farrakhan as the "GOAT” or “greatest of all time" on social media following his 2018 Saviour's Day address, during which he labeled Jews “satanic.”“I didn’t call him the greatest of all time because of his rhetoric. I called him the greatest of all time because of what he’s done in black communities,” Mallory said during an appearance on ABC's The View last month when asked about the Instagram post.

POSTED FEBRUARY 18, 2019 4:57 PM

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